Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bambi Must Die

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It seems that since last night when I cut the blueberry pie, nothing has gone right. I took it out of the oven, and Andrew came home about 30 minutes later. He had a good meeting and wanted the pie. Well it was not cool enough when I cut and it bled like a stuck pig upon my first slice. Not only that, but I don't have a really good pie cutting utensil. Either that, or the whole wheat I used to thicken the pie filling doesn't work as a good thickener. My white flour was downstairs underneath a 50lb bag of flour. I wasn't about to go down and try to move that. So much for blueberry pie, more like blueberry soup. At least my crust turned out good, at least I think so. It's hard to tell over all that staining slush in the one vacant slice spot.
Then this morning, Nadia got up really early and her diaper had leaked on her bed. It was too early for her to be up, but too late to go through the hassle of changing sheets and putting her back in bed. So I changed her diaper, put her in bed with her father and went downstairs to walk on the treadmill.
I went out to the garden this morning to inspect and hoe. This is where Bambi must die. The marauders don't just eat something, they also trample everything in their path. They happen to like my potato patch. They will eat the tops of the potato plants off and then walk all through the patch, exposing and dislodging potatoes. I found three potatoes off the plant. So I took my hoe to pull more dirt over the exposed potatoes, making hills. Then Nadia decided she needed to use the potty. Ok. So 30 minutes later when I can get back outside, it's raining. Crap. So here I am working in the rain. Very pregnant, wet, frustrated and ready to pummel any animal that comes in my gardens. Nadia, meanwhile is staying mostly obedient on the porch, but yelling at me various questions and things. How do I tell her to not yell when I must yell to tell her that? I finished the potatoes as best as I can in wet dirt and proceed inside.
Breadmaking went well except for the part when I dumped flour all over the counter.
And all I want to eat is vinegary pickled beets. I cannot get enough of these things.
The flour is still on the counter, I am eating beets and taking a break. And it's only 11am.

One bright side, the first visit to the potty produced nothing much to speak of. However, she just went to the bathroom herself and produced a load! YAY!! Now can someone tell me how to get her to go in the potty when she's wearing big girl underwear? Right now the only way she gets anything in the potty is by being bare bottom. If she has anything against her bottom she goes in it. Diaper, pull ups, underwear. Any ideas?

So I am going to take my break and then brave the rest of the house, maybe a change in perspective will help.

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Shannon said...

Have you thought about putting up a wire fence around your garden? We had to do that in our last house to keep the rabbits out. Fortunately, they haven't discovered our garden yet, but they've eaten my flowers in the front yard!

Or you could just get a dog :) Ours likes to chase the rabbits away, and I haven't seen any deer in our yard when he's outside.