Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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I am trying to maintain some consistency with my blogging and in light of my past post I thought I'd send an update your way.

It's been a week and a half and I have not slapped Nadia. Now I did yell like once or twice, but at least I can count it on one hand the number of times. I am doing well. But it is the Lord, I tell ya. He is my strength, and he is my 'whisperer' in my ear. He reminds me and stays my hand. I am blessed. Thank you Lord.

Andrew has noted that our house is more peaceful and quiet. Meals are more enjoyable.

Now you might say, is Nadia just being better? Nooooooooooooo. In fact, she's worse. Well I should say she is throwing more tantrums and still getting into the same number of things, but overall she is responding faster now to my voice. Which is a good thing. I wanted that. Especially when something is dangerous. She threw the worst tantrum I've seen yet. It was this morning. She wanted to wear her PJ's all day. Oy.

There is more laughter, more rest, and more play in our house. It's good.

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