Tuesday, September 18, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me.... (YAY! I've been tagged!)

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*8 Random Facts About Me......

1. I know how to milk cows. I grew up on a farm and we had a milk cow. I learned by age five. We had one cow that got pregnant way too young and her teets were too little for my fathers hands. I was her milker till we could dry her up. Her calf didn't live, she was that small.
2. I don't color my hair, it is the color God gave me. I did, one time for my 21st birthday, got subtle (read, invisible) highlights. My former SIL gave them to me. I felt like something special.
3. I buy 50lb bags of ww flour to make our bread products every 4 months. I use Wheat Montana Flour. It is actually a white whole wheat, which is a whole wheat, but they use a spring wheat berry that grinds to a whiter color than the red wheat berry. So it is 100% whole wheat, but just whiter. I can use it interchangeably with bleached flour and get better, higher quality baking products with it.
4. I use a food co-0p. It is from Frankferd Farms Foods. They specialize in organic foods. I'm not all that intersted about that, but the prices are better and that's what I'm in for. I got involved when Nadia wouldn't drink cow's milk, but would eat whole milk yogurt from Stonyfield Farms (which is $$$). But from the co-op it is much much cheaper.
5. I nursed Nadia exactly 2 years. And she never got a drop of formula. I actually miss nursing. :( But I wanted to stop before I hated it. I'm glad I stopped when I did.
6. I feel like a terrible mother sometimes. I'm sure we all do. Does that mean we are good mothers, when we feel like bad ones?
7. I have less clothes in my closet than my husband. Mainly because I keep loosing weight so quickly I don't have the time to bulk up on my supply. And my hubby on the other hand stays at the same weight for years, grrr, and obtains all his friends, um, too small clothes. His clothing replicates like rabbits.
8. I like historical fiction novels, but haven't been able to put my hands on one for a while. The libraries here are either out of reach (construction) or not so good. I did read Lord of the Flies, which was gruesome to say the least!

Now I've got to tag some people.


Oh fiddlesticks, that's all I can think of. Everyone else I've thought of has been tagged. bummer.

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Jessica Morris said...

fun :) I am working on my list right now... I never did do this one!