Thursday, August 23, 2007


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Forgive me, I haven't felt much like blogging since we got back on the net. I'm just so tired. Oh, we don't have very many things to unpack yet, just still trying to get in a groove. I've been taking naps the past couple of weeks when Nadia lays down. Just a little 30 min thing, it helps.

We are just about all set up in this house. I love it here. I've been a bit of a bear lately. And I thank the Lord for showing that to me. I think it was being used to hinder Andrew in setting up a ministry. You know, stealing his joy. Nadia's just been especially trying of late. I'm trying to spend more time with her and be more understanding of her needs. I realize that most of the time when she is acting up she either needs educated as to what we want her to do, or she has a need. Like love and attention, or helping her to learn self control, or re-direct. Sometimes it's just easier to yell. I am so embarrassed by that. But it is. It's harder to act in a loving manner towards my child. But it so hurts at the end of the day when she's gone to bed and the only interaction she's had with me is not what I had imagined with my child.

Been thinking of having another one. How do you do it with two? I am sort of scared. Having one took me by surprise and I am just a little scared about how I am going to react to having two. Who knows? Maybe I'll be great! I hope so. Look positively, look positively. I'll make it, I'll do it. I know I will. God is my strength.

I have at least three sewing projects that I am so not wanting to get done. I think I sewed enough for a year with Sara's dress. Two vests for Andrew and curtains for the kitchen. They are all relatively easy, but I just don't have the want to to get it done. I will, I think, this afternoon. Maybe Nadia will let me. Hah!

Oh and as of this morning, I have 1 big ol pound to go to get to my goal weight. YAY! I am currently a Med top, 12 in jeans and 10 in skirts. I can't believe it. I have lost 114 pounds so far. I can't believe it. I was a big woman. Maybe next time I blog I will have lost that pound and will have some pics for you. I will also post a before picture. So anyway.

I am going to go blow bubbles with Nadia right now, in lieu of trying to spend more quality time with her. Tonight is pizza night. I love pizza night.

She woke up early from her nap, but she is in a good mood, so I guess that means she had a good nap, right? Experienced mothers tell me this, please.....


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