Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Art of Becoming

I am in the process of loosing weight. I've said that before. But I am constantly trying to think of ways to do it better. I'm here today to sort of 'put on paper' what I am planning on doing.
  • I am still a part of Nutridiary.com's website. I log there daily.
  • I am still being active, I go to the gym everyday, except sunday. I am active at home.
  • I am being conscious of what I eat.
But here's where I changed some things, this is what I am going to do differently.
  • I found a website that lists 100 snacks for under 100 calories. Which is awesome.
  • I plan on eating a good breakfast, for under 200 calories. Then mid morning eating a 100 calorie snack. A 500 calorie lunch, mid afternoon 100 calorie snack. Then a 500 calorie supper with a 100 calorie snack in the evening. That will put me at 1500 calories everyday. And I'll always be shoving something in my mouth.
  • During supper, which is when my resolve flags the most, I will make myself a cup of green tea (decaf) sweetened with stevia.
  • And in the evening I have the tendency, if I go to bed late, to want to eat. So if I get to that point, I will pop in one of my pilates or yoga tapes and do that instead.
  • I will continue with the water as much as possible.
  • And while I watch tv or a movie (which isn't often) I will bounce on my exercise ball. One hour burns 250 cals. And I'm just watching TV!
So this is what I have planned for my weight loss. It seems to be going well. Right now I've had my lunch, I've worked out, I've had a snack mid morning and I feel pretty good.
I'm even going to see about getting a popcorn popper. Doing it in the pan is calorically expensive. The oil is what gets ya. Plus a popper will pop every kernal, we won't waste on oil, and it's soooo low in calories.

Now if I could just get to bed on time....

Nadia's room is just about finished. The carpet guy came last night to measure. We are choosing a very light green minty carpet. Very pretty. It will match the cream/tan stuff we have in the house. Hubby has the walls back in, painted and looking very very nice. He even improved the window, put more insulation in and put a frame around the window that wasn't there before. He is just about done putting the closet door in. Really all we need to have done is the carpet. He is going to wait to put the door in until the carpet is installed. Then we can put Nadia back in her room. YAY!! I can hardly wait. We need to think about how we want the room set up. I think once she is in her room we will all sleep better. She sleeps great until we get in our room, then she wakes up a lot. She takes great naps because we aren't in there.

We are still waiting to hear from the regions. That committee has their meeting today. Pray! Hubby is sending a resume to another region right now. We'll see how that goes.

Well gonna sign off. Get some other things done.

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