Wednesday, August 04, 2010


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Forgive me for not posting an update on Sunday. Sunday's weigh in was, well, depressing. But it shouldn't have been. Here goes. According to the scale, on Sunday, I had lost 4lbs total. BUT I should say that friday I was down 6lbs, however, my cycle is coming any day, so I'm taking Sunday's reading with a grain of salt. 4lbs is still good. Considering I hadn't lost anything for well over a year. So I'm eager to see what I'm at when this whole womanly business is over.

The eating part of the diet is going well. My skin is in the best condition it's been in a long time. I have energy. And I've eaten a few pieces of bread. No fruit, yet, that's coming. I'm going back into those sorts of things real slow. I made a high fiber bread, that when I'm done tweeking it, I'll post the recipe on here. It's an original recipe! I had a name for it, but I renamed it to Russian Renewal Bread. I'm proud of my Russian heritage and the bread is so hearty it feels russian. My husband ate a little too much of it and after this morning he did say he felt renewed. Hah!

My running is going great. The last two times I've got this charge, I feel like electric all over. They tell me that's the high. Well I LOVE it! I'm going to keep running, I think. I've printed off the registration form for the race. I'm gonna do it. I can't wait! I almost want to find another race to do too, before it gets too cold. We'll see.

So why the title 'Beautiful'?  Check out the pic.

Some may think I just look sweaty and gross, and while I am sweaty, I think I look beautiful.  I just got done running before this pic.  I felt strong, confident and beautiful.  Running makes me feel good.  And that is beautiful. 


Rachel F. said...

You look strong, confident and beautiful! You never fail to amaze and inspire me.

Just be prepared to start sweating much more profusely. I look like I just got out of the pool when I'm done running! Your body becomes "more efficient at cooling itself," according to a nurse friend of mine.

Kathryn said...

Rachel, I was sweating EVERYWHERE! Places I've never sweated before. And I mean, like on the tops of my fingers, my arms, my calves! It was weird! I guess it's a good thing, but weird!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Strong IS beautiful baby!

Way to go - I know how tough those 2 weeks are.

And 4 - 6 lbs lost after a whole year of staying the same is fabulous!!!!