Friday, June 18, 2010

Of Late...

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First all I want to thank those who encouraged me with your comments. Your insights have helped me to see things in a different light. Yes, sometimes I do take too much on myself and not trust the Lord enough to believe He knows what He's doing. I need to work on that, but it is comforting to know He has her in the palm of His hand. He put her with me for His good purposes and I do trust that. So thank you, I do appreciate it.

Things have been busy of late. This past week was VBS at church and it went great! This was the first year we did rotational or station method and I loved it! It was also the first year I did crafts and loved it. We did Groups High Seas Expedition. It was very good. I loved the focus on God's Word, since I believe He has put a passion in me for His word and that all Christians would feast upon His word. It was a great week, but very busy. I'm tired.

And requests for my bread and cinnamon rolls have picked up. I made 12 some loaves last week, and 11 or 12 rolls this week with 4 dozen cinnamon rolls. It was a doozie of a week! I finally made out a sheet listing what I bake, which is good. I had people asking and asking for it. I so needed to get that done. I will be posting, as I get time, my recipes.

Whoops, Rhys is melting down. I'd better go help Andrew. Will continue this later!

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