Friday, August 14, 2009

My New Skirt! And a Surprise!

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I wanted to show off my newest sewing creation. I wanted a nice, comfortable skirt for traveling when we go to see my parents in New Mexico next month. I found a tutorial here and used it. I thought this would be great, since I have tons of little bit of this and that for fabric and thought I could use it up. So this is what I came up with.

And while we were away at the capitol this week I decided to finally get it. I got my nose pierced. To answer your question: Yes it hurt. Nothing like labor. But it still hurt. I love it. Not many from church have seen it, but tomorrow I am taking lunch for a work day, so I'm sure it will get exposure. It doesn't hurt much anymore, only when I wiggle my nose, just a little twinge. I am being very good about the care, I don't want an infection. But I'm curious, for those of you who have it, how long did it take to heal? And mine is just a tad pink, was yours like that for a while? I mean, it's not hot, or oozing, so I figure it's just working on healing. How did you care for it? So at any rate, I love it, am going to keep it. It commemorates my weight loss. YAY me!!

By the way, it was sort of a God thing. The guy who did it was a hard core Christian. We got to talking about that sort of stuff. I wonder how many pastors wives he's had come through there. I forgot to tip him, what do you tip a piercer?

Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

To answer your questions:
Pink is normal. It'll stay pink for awhile. If it's not hot or oozing you're fine. Mine was pink for a few weeks. Care is simple. I washed that area with some anti-bacterial soap on a cotton ball twice a day. I think that earring stuff you get when you get your ears pierced would work too. Mine was sensitive for a few weeks, and was completely healed enough to change the stud after about 3 months.
I LOVE the skirt, and you are such a beautiful woman. The nose ring looks FABULOUS!!

Shannon said...

Love the skirt, Kathryn! The colors you chose are super! :-)

Yours in Christ,

Rachel F. said...

I'm so glad I got to share our little adventure with you. Have you had any comments from church people?

The top hole of my belly button is a bit pink and itchy--I'm hoping I'm not having an allergic reaction to the metal, but otherwise it's fine unless I bump it on something.

Your skirt is so cute. I wish I had more time to sew.

Kim said...

LOVE THE NOSE RING! It looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! For cleaning, I used sea salt in a shot glass - LOL. A pinch of salt, fill the glass with warm water, and soak. That's what they recommended for me anyways. Mine, like Sandy, took a couple months to fully heal.

Your skirt looks GREAT! I've been looking for some long skirts (b/c I have to wear my compression stockings and pants this time of year - it's 106F today - is just disgusting). I've seen a few tutorials but I am just not a seamstress :(

Shannon said...

Love the skirt and the nose ring! Pink is normal. I just swabbed mine with salt water, and did salt water soaks when it got a little bump underneath (I got a bump from AK hitting my nose lol).

Dania said...

I like your new long skirt!! It looks great on you!!