Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just a Chat

I thought I'd take a break from work for a while, been working all day. Kinda unfair in a way, I'm about to whine. My hubby works from 8-5 everyday, comes home, eats and then gives the babe a bath, puts her to bed and then vegges for the evening. Sometimes he does some studying or something. But me, I, get up sometimes twice in the night to care for our daughter, which I'm used to now. Then I'm going from the morning, I'm not even out of bed and I'm working (nursing) and then I go go go all day. Right now I'm trying to get some things done for the Gem. I am so tired. If I'm not working on work, then I'm working on home. If I'm not doing either of those things, I'm sewing Christmas gifts. When do I get to rest? I want some fun! That's what date night's for. Date night is really our sabbath.
Anyway. Hubby has another meeting tomorrow with another commission. This one has already approved him, but we are wondering if, in the light of all of the rumblings that have happened because of those conflict of doctrinal issues, that this commission won't recind on their previous decision. Crap. I'm a little disgusted.
I am so tired. I am so cold. I am I am I am.........

Going to close this post. It's 9:38pm, I've been working on the Gem since 6pm, with baby interspersed to put to bed. I am goint to get the house in order and then go to bed.

Good night.

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