Saturday, October 14, 2006

A lot of crap floating around

A lot has happened since my last post, I realize I say that a lot. Right now at this moment, I am sitting next to my daughters diaper pail. And there is a nice scrapping loudly going on above my head. Both are a result of a problem we discovered two weekends ago. Resulting in everything being disrupted in our house. We knew the roof had a leak which caused some discoloration in the baby's room. Discovered that over a year ago. We tried fixing it with roof tar and stuff like that. Then around thanksgiving we discovered it was ruining the wall in her room. Great. Well fast forward to two weeks ago and we had another wet spot on the ceiling and the ceiling was getting heavy. Great. So now Nadia is sleeping in the study at night in her pack n play and napping in our room in her pack n play. That night after she was asleep in the study, we punctured a hole in that wet spot, causing a stream of water to run into a placed bucket. Great. Well we couldn't really do anything about it, because we have no money, so we called the insurance company to see what they would cover. Meanwhile the next weekend we had our first candidating appt with a church. YAY! We weren't approved yet for ministry in that region, but we had a meeting the following tuesday with the appropriate committee for that approval. So we were putting the cart before the horse, but the chairman of that committee is ok with that. The candidating went well, the meeting....well suffice to say it did not. Oh, they were much more respectful and more like brothers and fathers than the last meeting, but Andrew still did not get approved. Didn't get denied either, he needs to return in two months having researched an area of doctrine specific to the denomination we are apart of. And we're not talking about the deity of Christ, or how to get to heaven, you know the IMPORTANT things, no, it's a secondary issue, in my mind. So this church is making their decision before that and the commission is going to call them and let them know of their decision, so we are basically out of the running for that church.
I could just cry. There are two other regions we can go to yet, and the one doesn't have any churches open and the other one we have contacted and they haven't gotten back to us. So we are kinda in a rock and a hard place. We aren't making ends meet right now. I'm thinking of getting an additional job, hubby is looking for something else.
So do you understand my title for this post? There is a lot of stuff just flying around, literally. There are shingles falling from the roof outside the study and somehow I hope to get Nadia to sleep through all of the noise that is going to happen during her nap. I've been cooking and baking to feed our crew, of which is sparse. Pray for more men, or women, I don't care! I'm thankful for the people we have, but I'm afraid we won't get it done in time. Pray pray pray!!!!!!! Anyway, that's that. At least Nadia has slept great through all of this. Even nailing. Wow. I am shocked. Well gotta go check on stuff in the kitchen.

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